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Deposit policy

GoldStork is a private document bank network for select organisations. Affiliation is normally assigned on a purely invitational basis. If your organisation wishes to use GoldStork's services you are however welcome to register your interest.

Public vault deposit policy

We have certain rules and practices for submitting public vault items to maintain GoldStork's high quality content:

Please choose an action:

Submit your site (but only if it's interesting)
Deposit your site...
We're looking for sites that are funny, good-hearted, well-motivated, weird or interesting. We're sure there are lots out there, so if you own one please deposit an asset.
Submit a site (but only if it's interesting)Deposit an asset
Add a vault (but only if it's interesting)
Create a vault...
If you feel there's a public vault that's missing and it's a topic that you know something about and would like to tell us please create a vault or add information on an existing one.
Submit a vault (but only if it's interesting)create a vault