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What is GoldStork?

Ostensibly GoldStork is a private bank of interesting unusual and off-beat websites but GoldStork is much more than meets the eye.

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What can GoldStork do for your organisation?
GoldStork allows your organisation to provide a gateway for:
1. web visitors wishing to access the publicly avaliable areas of all the websites in your online portfolio
2. registered members of your organisation who you wish to be able to access the secure and restricted areas of your online portfolio.
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Let GoldStork control your data security

As such GoldStork is home to many gems and golden nuggets that any visitor can view, but it is also a trusted guardian of secrets, and many lie securely within it's virtual walls.

If your organisation has many sensitive documents or valuable data but is also public facing you can apply to join the GoldStork project.

About the owners of GoldStork

GoldStork is owned and managed by Mangolab Ltd.

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